Documentation automatically generated from the source code comments:

  • arche-core - repository itself
  • arche-doorkeeper - ACDH handlers plugged into the arche-core
  • arche-lib - PHP bindings for the repository API (both REST and direct database access)
  • arche-lib-disserv - arche-lib extention providing dissemination service features
  • arche-lib-ingest - high-level PHP library for data ingestion (both metadata and binaries)
  • arche-lib-schema - high-level representation of the repository‚Äôs ontology data
  • arche-oaipmh - OAI-PMH service for the ARCHE
  • arche-resolver - resolver for the ARCHE (a service providing redirection to correct dissemination services based on a repository resource URI and a requested resource representation format)
  • arche-gui - Drupal 8 GUI for ARCHE